Car Donation FAQ

1. What can I donate?

We accept car donations, RVs, boats ,trucks,vans,or trailers.

2. Can I donate my car if it was involved in an accident?

Yes, we can accept your car even with collision damage.

3. Can I donate my car if it is not running?

Yes, all car donations are accepted, running or not.

4. Will you accept car donations with an engine not running or with other mechanical problems?

We are pleased to accept them! Even junk cars have value for us.

5. Will you pick up my car donations?  Is there a fee?

We will pick up your car donations whenever it is most convenient for you. There is no fee.

6. Should I be home when you pick up the car?

No, you are not required to be present for pickup. Just remember to remove any personal belongings and leave the keys and title in the glove compartment of the car.

7. How long will it take until my car is picked up?

The average pickup time for car donations is typically 24-48 hours.

8. What areas do you service?

We service anywhere in the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

9. What do we do with your vehicle?

Your vehicle will either be sold at auction or for parts, depending on the condition. Some of the vehicles donated to us are given to families in need who can use them. All of the proceeds will go toward supporting the social service programs provided by the Chabad Jewish Center. Your donation will help the young and old in our community in a non-discriminatory manner.

10. How much can you deduct for your car?

Each donor will benefit differently from the tax deduction from donating their car.

If you itemize your tax deductions, you may write-off the market value of this donation up to $500 (You will need the initial receipt we give you to do this). If your donated vehicle sells for over $500, and you have indicated an intention to itemize your deductions, you will get a supplemental IRS 1098-C form to document the gross proceeds of the sale. At this point, you will be required to file IRS form 8283.

If your vehicle sale exceeds $5,000.00, we will file the IRS form 8282. If there are any other federal requirements, we will be in touch with you.

Consult a tax advisor to learn how this tax deduction will benefit you.

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