All Types Of Kindess

At Cars for Kindness, we believe in bringing out the “kind” in “mankind”. Your car donation will support our many programs that encourage people to reach out to others through simple acts of human kindness. Even more, by donating a car to Cars for Kindness, you'll receive tax deductions, free car pickup and a vacation voucher! Learn more about how your decision to donate a car will help others.

Who We Are

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Driving Kindness Home
Cars for Kindness is a 100% charitable organization, with a number of programs created to help people in need. To learn more about our special programs, Continue reading »

Car Donation Facts

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Benefits of Car Donation
By donating your car to charity, you'll enjoy a tax deduction and we'll pick up your car for free! There are so many benefits when you choose to help others! Continue reading »

Free Vacation Voucher

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Hotel Stay On Us
A free vacation voucher is yours as a thank you for donating your car to Cars For Kindness. What better reason could there be to go kind?