About Cars For Kindness

Driving Kindness Home

Our philosophy at Cars For Kindness is that every person is as precious as the entire world. We are one of thousands of outreach centers across the globe with the intention of making the world a more meaningful place. We do this by providing educational, spiritual and social services to our community and beyond.

Here on Cape Cod, we have accomplished many things of which we are very proud. We hold ongoing community social events, children’s programs, and adult educational classes and lectures. Our doors are always open; during the spring and summer months, we host many new visitors and welcome back old friends.

The spirit of community is alive and well with Cars For Kindness.

  • Did You Know:

    Did you know that doing regular acts of kindness encourages compassion and empathy in children?

  • Did You Know:

    Did you know that just a 5-minute visit with an elderly person each week can prevent them from experiencing depression?

  • Did You Know:

    Did you know that laughter is a potent stress-reliever? Share it with someone today!